(It’s not [WHAT] you know), (it’s [WHO] you know)!

Never have so few =(1 person[me]) had so many =(4 musketeers[below links]) to thank for so much BIntelligence.

(Paraphrased from the fat guy with the fat cigar)

In order to expand your toolbox you need friends, including friends who might not even know that they are your friends. I have found some fantastic sources for learning Power BI by reading what these guys are writing, and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for unknowingly being my friends.


Hey guys, you are my “Who” helping me to get the “What”:


Rob Collie http://www.powerpivotpro.com/ I start out every day checking for new posts and new insights.

Matt Allington http://exceleratorcbs.com.au/ The new kid on the block, but already a great contributor to my learning. I recommend his series on the TechEd days in Houston.

Bill Jelen http://www.mrexcel.com/ This is where it all started for me, both with Power Pivot and with Excel in general. Bought a DVD on Excel 2007, bought a book, bought a DVD on Excel 2010 and I expect to buy more.

Chandoo http://chandoo.org/wp/ Power Pivot U was great and Advanced Power Pivot U was even better. Chandoo also keeps on sending out exciting Excel challenges which keeps us on our Excel-toes.

Ler I will always maintain links to you on my blog!


About powerpivotseth

As long as I learn, I live, and to that end I am now immersing myself in the new Microsoft Power BI applications available through Excel. I was quite good at plain vanilla Excel, but even so, I ended up in "No, that is not possible" dead ends at times. Then I discovered Power Pivot and all my previous dead ends opened up into veritable eight-lane interstate highways!
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