It begins…..

….with Excel, and the disturbing experience of having to say “No, that’s not possible in Excel.” Whenever I have to say something like that I always wonder if I should have said “No, I don’t know how to do that in Excel.”

If you wonder about the picture, it’s just a favorite view. I am based in Stockholm, Sweden but I really enjoy visiting New York.

As long as I learn, I live and facing a brick wall, like the one above, tends to send me on a crusade looking for the knowledge I lack in order to solve the problem I just said couldn’t be solved. Thanks to Mr.Excel, Bill Jelen, I had come across this exciting new weapon called Power Pivot, so I went back to that source for more information and found PowerPivotPro, Rob Collie. I ordered THE BOOK, “DAX Formulas for Power Pivot” and started reading and found that I couldn’t grasp his teachings and convert them into solutions for my problems. Lesson learned: Start at the beginning, there are no shortcuts! In order to step over the threshold I enrolled in PowerPivotUniversity at and that did the trick. Learning the basics opened the door and my entrance into the world of Power Pivot was ensured. I can now apply the teachings of Rob to my data models, write DAX formulas that work and create functional structures from tables, calculated columns and calculated fields. This feels great, but as always, you open the door to new knowledge only to discover that there is even more to learn! Power Pivot is a member of a new set of tools from Microsoft called Power BI or Self-Service BI, so now I will have to put time and effort into learning and mastering Power Query, Power View and Power Map as well. This blog will be dedicated to my experiences with Power Pivot with examples, formulas that work, formulas that didn’t work and other fun stuff along this line. Every now and then there will also be some plain vanilla Excel thrown in whenever I learn something new that might be interesting to share.


About powerpivotseth

As long as I learn, I live, and to that end I am now immersing myself in the new Microsoft Power BI applications available through Excel. I was quite good at plain vanilla Excel, but even so, I ended up in "No, that is not possible" dead ends at times. Then I discovered Power Pivot and all my previous dead ends opened up into veritable eight-lane interstate highways!
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